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Born out of a deep desire to use our collective gifts and talents to serve churches and faith based organizations. LawrenceInk started CrimsonInk to closer align ourselves with a common bond we all share in.

Why CrimsonInk?

Your organization is communicating two stories to the world: One about the life of Christ, the other about the “life-style” of your church—the unique personality and culture of faith that differentiates you from all of societies other options for community, faith, love, and truth.

CrimsonInk is a communications partner to faith-based organizations who can help tell faith-stories in a more compelling, complete, and cost-effective way, drawing people’s attention to the life of Christ.

Pastors, printers, and artists have a long history of helping spread the gospel and bringing glory to God. We simply desire to continue that tradition. We are uniquely positioned to help churches “identify” their ministry style, “illuminate” their story, and “innovate” their approach to communicating.

Together, lets continue to captivate attention by illuminating the words and life of Jesus Christ.

This is where your ministry gets heard.
This is where your story gets good.
This is Where Your Faith Stories Get Red.™

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

George Lawrence | President
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